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Brugnotto Shop Interiors was born in 2009 a Zenson di Piave (TV).

We feel proud to be partnered with Brugnotto in Jan 2020, and it was one of our biggest accomplishments. Brugnotto Foundation’s goal was to transform fashion into a fair and sustainable industry. We would like to acknowledge and thank our Italian partner for their vital support and successful projects.

The company in the early years consists of a small group of collaborators who work to create the first lines of furniture for shopfitting. The market analysis and the search for a refined functional design, allows to become increasingly known in the market.

In 2011, Brugnotto Shop Interiors took part for the first time at the international trade fair Euroshop, leader in the retail sector. Thanks to the boost given by this important event, some dealers in Italy and Europe start to distribute the products.

In 2014 Brugnotto is present at Global Shop fais in Las Vegas.

In 2015 is created the Enjoy brand, dedicated for the food market (wine shops, bakeries, etc.). In the same year the company took part at the Host exhibition in Milan for the food market.

In the latest edition of Euroshop 2017, Brugnotto Shop Interiors received a special mention from the fair management for the Wine Gallery display system for bottle display with magnetic attachment.

Our boost towards innovation and the development of our products is unstoppable and always vigorous. Our style office is always in line with the trends of the moment and everything is turned into the study and realization of innovative furnishing elements that can be adapted to any type of environment. The choice and selection of different finishing of the materials allows to reach a very high level of customization of the furnishings, as in a real tailor atelier.

Starting from 2018 Brugnotto Shop Interiors has started a new path of development of its products, to give the possibility to live emotions that go beyond the object itself.

2020 is the year of RiEvolution: the participation in the EuroShop 2020 fair  coincides with a new organisation of the company, starting from a new group image. After 10 years of activity, the Shop Interiors division changes its skin and gives way to Hi Retail, whose name already tells us its mission: high-quality elements with a sophisticated design for the shopfitting industry.