Display Stands for Shops

Xite Display takes pride in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of high-quality and artistic display racks for retail stores. Whether you want a metal, wooden, or acrylic stand holder for showcasing your merchandise, we have every material as well as different size in our collection. They are crafted with precision and care, ensuring durability and the best presentation of your products. Further, the diverse range of designs with adjustable handles caters to various needs and is perfect to attract customers to your store.

Explore and order our display rack for shop now! You can even opt for a customization service to complement your brand identity and create an engaging experience for the customers. In addition to display stands, we are also a top supplier of eco-friendly mannequins, plastic hangers, kraft bags and a reliable jute bag manufacturer.

Our Display Stands Material

Metal Marvels

For those who seek a fusion of strength and style, a metal display stand is ideal. Crafted from high-quality metals, such as aluminum or steel, these stands exude durability and a sleek, contemporary aesthetic for the organized presentation of products. They are available in black, gold, and silver colors.

Acrylic Elegance

An acrylic display stand is a hallmark of modern sophistication. Known for their crystal-clear clarity and visually stunning appearance, these stands effortlessly enhance your product visibility. They are lightweight, which makes them easy to transport.

Wooden Wonders

Our wooden racks for shop displays offer a timeless charm and a touch of natural beauty to your product presentations. Crafted from strong hardwoods, they balance form and function while creating a sturdy and attractive display solution.

Types of Display Racks We Offer

Jewelry Stand

Showcase the elegance of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings using our jewelry display stand for shop. Featuring multiple tiers or hooks, these stands allow customers to easily view and select their favorite pieces.

Shoe Stand

These stands are perfect for presenting footwear in an organized and appealing manner. The design ensures that customers can easily access and try on shoes while maintaining the overall neatness of the display.

Cap Stand

We offer specialized racks that are designed to display hats and caps in a way that preserves their shape. They come with adjustable angles and tiers to accommodate different cap styles.

Handbag Stand

Tailored to exhibit purses and handbags in an organized and eye-catching manner, our handbag display rack for shop is ideal for accommodating bags of various sizes.

Scarf Stand

Designed to display the beauty and versatility of scarves in a draped fashion, these stands allow customers to visualize how the scarves would look when worn.

Brochure Holder Stand

These stands are practical for businesses aiming to provide information in a compact and accessible way. They come with slots to hold brochures, pamphlets, or flyers making it convenient for customers to gather relevant information.

Why Choose Us?

Environment-Friendly Approach

High-Quality and Durable Products

Extensive Variety

Captivating Designs


Timely Delivery


Of course, we provide custom display stands as per your specific requirements. Just get in touch with us, let us know what you need, and our skilled artisans will take care of it.

Of course, we provide custom display stands as per your specific requirements. Just get in touch with us, let us know what you need, and our skilled artisans will take care of it.

Yes, we do offer wooden display racks for presenting shoes in an organized and pleasing manner. They are strong and highly durable.