Chrome Closed Hook Anti Theft Security Hanger

Model No.: XDLMD326

Length: 430mm
Thickness: 4.0mm
Hook diameter: 3.8mm

1. Padded satin hotel coat hanger, use for hotel
2. Chrome anti-theft pin
3. Bowknot decoration
OPTIONS:LOGO or different accessories available

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Metal Anti-Theft Hangers are used in hotels, motels, schools and other institutions where hanger theft is a concern. This strong, metal hanger comes with a completely rounded off hook so there is no way it can be removed from the closet rod. These hangers are sure to save you money by ending the cycle having to continually replace lost or stolen closet hangers.

Another popular use for this anti-theft hanger is with boat owners looking to keep their hangers in place in cabins aboard vessels. Motorhome owners also love this hanger for its ability to stay put in the closet while on the road.

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